Urban Vignettes 2016 call for contributions


In 2015, there are 3.9 billion people living in urban areas, constituting 54% of the world population. As the world undergoes the largest wave of urban growth in history, we want to capture the different ways people experience, negotiate and engage with city life.

This season of Urban Vignettes focuses on your observations of cities. You could be a long time resident, a visitor, or a commuter who pass by without stopping long. The city could have a special meaning to you (e.g. your hometown), or it could be a completely foreign city that evokes something in you.

What is special about this moment you experience in this city? What is unusual, mundane, predictable, extraordinary, or special? Are there sensory aspects to your experience? Are you inspired by the visual and the aesthetics of the place?


We invite you to submit one visual accompanied by a short vignette of 200 words. Accepted submissions will be published on our website www.urbanvignettes.org, and pushed through our social media platforms.[1]

Our requirements are simple:

  • The visual must be powerful enough to convey your message – think Instagrammable!
  • The visual must be in .jpg format, and have an image resolution of at least 1,200 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) by 1,200 pixels tall (of a vertical image)
  • You must hold copyright of the visual, or obtain copyright permission for us to publish it on our website.
  • The text must be in .doc format.

Check the detailed submission guidelines here.


  • Document and share your unique experiences and observations of cities.
  • Build a portfolio of your urban vignettes.
  • Gain publicity for your work.
  • Connect and network with like-minded city observers.


Contact us at contact@urbanvignettes.org

We look forward to your interest and submissions!

[1] We are currently on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, FlickrLinkedIn, and Google+.